Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lee De Forest is the Father of Electronic Amplification

Lee De Forest is the Father of Electronic Amplification

Federico Faggin moved to Palo Alto and worked at Fairchild Semiconductor, where he created the MOS Silicon Gate technology, the basis of all modern CMOS computer chips! Your CPU

Federico Faggin is the Father of Electronic Chips such as cpu's and memory chips; He is the father of meta-amplifires, an acceleration, even an explosion of computing power, all of which stands on the shoulders of Lee Deforest, the 3 Bell Labs men, who invented the hundres of thousands of the people who worked with and under these geniuses. Organizing Self Respect in the collective organism. We have been involuntarily synthesised in female apparatus to die as our long term intent.
A change of intent, synchronously, by all humans will expand our life span and the purpose of life will merge into life, not death

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